EU-DX Revision History

The following is a brief summary of the revisions to this program:

Version 1.0.5 10/04/2023

- Updated for new map tile source for world map (will prompt for Affirmatech Extensions update)
- Indexing of Call field for faster JTAlert B4 lookup
- Ensure port remains closed for Rig Interface when None is selected
- CW Loop sending when RI: is used for rig commands

Version 1.0.4 3/30/2023

- Updated for our HamDash online real time scoreboard
- Spot Me on DX Spotting form and via Ctrl + Shift + H
- Notes List - click on header to sort by call or frequency

Version 1.0.3 2/05/2023

Corrected Cabrillo output and multiplier calculation.

Version 1.0.2 2/03/2023

Corrected scoring calculation.

Version 1.0.1 8/17/2022

- Corrected map pin location for country environment locations using comma instead of decimal point
- Added Super Check Partial upload to all contest software (Settings > Super Check Partial)
- Added ability to send CW via rig interface with ASCII to hex character conversion using {} to encase converted text
- Added option for CW cut numbers A = 1, N = 9, T = 0
- Added ADDADIFRECORD command for API
- Added Clear on QSY (Tune Away)
- CTRL+Shift+J Overrides List option buttons of Last 20 or All (for blind hams, contesting programs only)

Version 1.0 5/02/2022

Initial release!

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