Fists Revision History

The following is a brief summary of the revisions to this program:

Version 2.1 3/10/2012

Country files are first searched for in the users Documents and Settings > N3FJP Software > Shared folder, so that only one country download is needed to update all the software programs at once.
KG4 lookup - Only 2 X 2 calls returned for Guantanamo Bay.
Archive defaults to backup directory

Version 2.0 1/3/2012

Cabrillo and ADIF files are saved in My Documents in the Users's profile directory (or a directory of the User's choice) in better compliance with Vista, Win 7 and future operating systems.
Better font sizing and scaling on larger, wide screen monitors.
Quadrupled country lookup array size to accommodate Jim, AD1C's highly specific country prefix database.

Version 1.9 3/06/06

Modified program to count each DX entity as a multiplier, even if the same entity is worked more than once in accordance with the rules.

Version 1.8 1/03/06

WinKey Functions
Archive Log File
Add a ! to your pre-programmed CW String to save the contact

Version 1.7 3/21/05

Speed up Telnet to 333 milliseconds
Call dupe check on band changes
Backup on exit

Version 1.6 12/6/04

- DX Spotting List enhancements
- Click on a post to tune your rig to the spot frequency (mode will also change for many rigs)
- Press Ctrl G to display a form to change frequency and mode
- Sleep CW timing option
- Enhanced Loop timing option
- Dynamic resize of band map spots

Version 1.5 10/17/04

CW strings display
Control keys show forms
Confirm delete of QSO
Tighter confirmation for new contest

Version 1.4 1/05/04

Post Contest Mode - Option for entering contacts after the contest is over.
Loop Timing Option for CW added.
BT prosign added.

Version 1.3 7/21/03

Addition of parallel (printer port) support options for CW keying (serial port is already supported)
ESC key terminates CW
Improved CW timing performance
CW WPM speed can be specified
CW word spacing is user modifiable
CW text being sent displays on main form
Addition of prosigns
Program retrieves system time for UTC offset on startup
Addition of a utility to send on-the-air code practice
Items on main list can be copied to the Windows clipboard
Graph background color can be changed from black to white

Version 1.2 4/13/03

Main form displays above taskbar
Lists previous contacts with same station
Right click DX spot to change rig frequency
Improved country lookup
Main form background color is Windows default background color
Installs in common N3FJP Software Windows program group

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