CQ WW 160 3.0 Rewrite, Winkey & WIQP 2.0!

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Hi All,

Just in time for this weekend's contest...

CQ WW 160 3.0 is Now Available!

This program follows NAQP as the second application of the C#.NET rewrite that is now complete! Until the new version has a contest under its belt, you'll fnd both the latest and the older, tried and true VB6 version on the website. The latest version is brand new, better, has additional features not found in the VB6 version and represents the future of N3FJP Software. It is also completely new code - every single line of it! While the template has been tested extensively and the NAQP beta performed very well during that contest, this will be the first use as applied to this specific contest. It is quite possible that a contest specific bug or two remain to be found, so I want to give you the option of using the VB6 version if you prefer.

You'll find the new CQ WW 160 Software on the CQ 160 Meter Log page at www.n3fjp.com. As always, upgrades are free to registered users.

Winkey Users, Please test CQ WW 160 (even if you don't plan to work this contest)!

Steve, K1EL of Winkey (http://www.k1el.com/) has completely rewritten the Winkey portion of the software. This is different code than was used in the recent NAQP beta release and needs a thorough test. The final touches are still being applied, but it is ready for a good workout. Even if you don't plan to work CQ WW 160, please download the software, simulate using it in a contest with your Winkey and let us know how it goes.

Wisconsin QSO Party Log 2.0 is Now Available!

In response to a very thoughtful, specific, detailed and well organized request from the WIQP folks, I've updated the WIQP software (still in VB6) for some section abbreviation changes, Cabrillo output and a few other miscellaneous items. You'll find the software on the State QSO Party page at www.n3fjp.com. As always, upgrades are free to registered users.

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