ARRL Int DX Log 3.0!, Ten Ten 2.9, Winkeyer, WOTA and More!

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Hi All,

Just in time for next weekend's contest...

ARRL International DX Contest Log 3.0 is Now Available!

This program follows NAQP and CQ 160 as the third application of my C#.NET rewrite that is now complete! Until the new version has a contest under its belt, you'll find both the latest and the older, tried and true VB6 versions on the website. The latest version is brand new, better, has additional features not found in the VB6 versions and represents the future of N3FJP Software. It is also completely new code - every single line of it! While the template has been tested extensively and both the NAQP and CQ 160 betas performed very well during those contests, this will be the first use as applied to this specific contest. It is quite possible that a contest specific bug or two remain to be found, so I want to give you the option of using the VB6 version if you prefer.

You'll find the new ARRL International DX Contest software on the ARRL International DX link at As always, upgrades are free to registered users!

Winkeyer Users, Please test ARRL International DX Contest Log 3.0 (even if you don't plan to work this contest)!

Steve, K1EL of Winkeyer ( has completely rewritten the Winkeyer portion of the software. Depending on the Winkeyer version, a few bugs came to light during the CQ 160 contest. Steve has been working hard on the code and it looks like the problems have been corrected, but we won't know for sure that all is well with your Winkeyer version until you give it a good test. Even if you don't plan to work this contest, please download the software, simulate using it in a contest with your Winkeyer and let us know how it goes.

Ten Ten Contest Log 2.9 is Now Available!

Some Ten Ten contesters logging folks without 10-10 numbers developed the habit of entering a numeric zero in the 10-10 field instead of accepting the default None, which led to improper scoring. Version 2.9 (still VB6) has been updated to correctly score that scenario. You'll find the software on the 10-10 QSO Party Log page at As always, upgrades are free to registered users.

WOTA Gets a Reprieve!

The Who's on the Air (WOTA) server has been active for seven years now, but only supporting a handful of users. We still think it is a neat concept, but given the limited usage, website expense, server / electrical expense, etc., we had pretty much resigned to the idea that it's time to take the server off line. Thankfully, and with much appreciation Mike, W0DDD (who has been hosting WOTA) stepped in, agreed to not only continue to do so for at least another year, but take a more active roll in developing the server / concept!

In AC Log you'll find it by click Settings > DX Spotting > WOTA.

For more on the WOTA concept, please visit:

If you have an interest in WOTA, want to help with its development, promotion or need support, please join us on the WOTA e-mail group:

Please Join us at the Water Cooler on 21.446!

I've mentioned this before, so this is just a quick reminder. Our Water Cooler concept, where we leave our rigs turned to 21.446 with the squelch up while we are working and enjoy quick chats throughout the day is going very well. We also have a quick propagation test every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern. There is more activity during the weekday, but weekend activity is increasing too and we would love to have you join us! For more on the Water Cooler concept, please visit:

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