Brand New, CQ WPX Rewrite 3.0 Now Available!

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Hi All,

The fifth program in my C# rewrite project is now available!

CQ WPX Contest Log 3.0 is Now Available!

This program is the next in the series of my C#.NET rewrites, it is networkable and replaces both CQ WPX Contest Log 2.8 and CQ WPX Network Log 2.6.

You'll find the new CQ WPX Contest Log software on the CQ WPX Page at As always, upgrades are free to registered users. This includes either the previous contest or network versions and of course our N3FJP Software Package users!

Until CQ WPX Contest Log 3.0 has a contest under its belt, you'll find both the new version and the older, tried and true VB6 versions on the web site. CQ WPX Contest Log 3.0 is brand new, better, has additional features not found in the VB6 versions and represents the future of N3FJP Software. It is also completely new code - every single line of it! While the template has been tested extensively and the new, C#.NET versions for NAQP, CQ 160 and International DX performed very well during those contests, this will be the first use as applied to CQ WPX. It is quite possible that a contest specific bug or two remain to be found, so I want to give you the option of using the VB6 version if you prefer.

Our web site, gets a much needed facelift!

Next time you visit, Kimberly and I hope you will enjoy a fresh and more contemporary experience. My wife Kimberly, KA3SEQ, had been working very hard on enhancing the web site these last few months and I love what she has put together! We just published the new site last night, so if you still see the old when you visit, just refresh the page.

Much like the new versions of the software, the web site is brand new, better and untested. Please let us know if you discover any links that aren't working right, typos, etc.

Are we there yet?

Now that the word is out that I'm rewriting the software, folks have had a taste of the new versions and enthusiasm is building for more, I'm getting swamped with questions along the lines of:

"When do you think you will have a program for ____________ (insert your favorite existing contest, new contest, AC Log, or additional feature here).

I can't accurately predict target dates for the rewrites. Some days are very productive, while others takes an entire day to get a single line of code to work the way I want. On average, with the exception of the AC Log rewrite, which will be a huge project unto itself, it is looking like about two weeks per program. With about 50 programs in total, I have a multi year project ahead.

My present plan, in this order and Lord willing, is to:

- Finish rewriting the major contesting programs (and I should be able to stay ahead of this year's contest calendar)
- Rewrite AC Log
- Rewrite the state QSO party programs
- Add new contests and features

Please stay tuned to the Announcements group and I will let you know as each new program / update is released.

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