Interface Hardware

W1GEE Hardware (hopefully temporarily) Unavailable.

Phil, W1GEE is currently on hiatus. For now, we are removing the purchase option buttons below. Hopefully Phil will resume sometime in December, 2019.

Our software includes PC to rig interface features. We had a lot of help from Phil, W1GEE, in getting our own rig set up so that we could test and create the code for these functions. Phil was very responsive and helpful with his e-mails. He clearly cares about his products and takes his service seriously. Following that positive experience, we were happy to offer other hams access to his interface products via our website.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the rig interface features in our software - reading the band and frequency and clicking on DX spots to tune your rig to the spot frequency - you'll find the successful settings for many rigs here and the following products should be a big help.

The LCU-3 Interface Cable

The LCU-3 Interface Cable is functionally equivalent to the radio manufacturer’s CAT interface, but costs considerably less. Each cable is fitted with the appropriate CAT port plug to connect directly to the radio CAT port. The LCU-3 has been designed to minimize RFI and is compatible with the rig control features that are incorporated in N3FJP's Amateur Radio Software. Each unit is tested prior to shipment and protected by a 90-day limited parts and labor warranty.

Select the LCU-3 model from the list below (9-pin serial port) (Note that each LCU-3 must have the software assert RTS in order for it to power up from the serial port.):

LCU-3I - Cable terminated with a 1/8” phone plug (9-pin serial port) - $45.00
Cable terminated with a 1/8” phone plug. Use with IC-271, IC-471, IC-706, IC725, IC-726, IC-728, IC-746, IC-751A (e), IC-756, IC-761, IC-765, IC-781, IC-970, IC-R10, IC-R71, IC-R72, IC-R700, ICR7000, IC-R7100, IC-R9000, TenTec Argonaut II, Delta II, Omni VI, Paragon and others.

Note: The LCU3-I is used in place of the Icom CT-17 for rigs that can be controlled with a CI-V port.

LCU-3K - Cable terminated with a 9-pin serial connector - $50.00
Cable terminated with a 9-pin serial connector. Use with TS-50 (f), TS-60 (f), TS-140 (c), TS-440 (b), TS-450, TS-680(c), TS-690, TS-711 (d), TS-790, TS-811 (d), TS-850, TS-940 (a), TS-950, R-5000 (b) and others.

Notes: (a) requires IF-10B(b) requires CHSET-1; (c) requires IF-10C; (d) requires IF-10A; (e) requires UX-14 PCB; (f) requires IF-10D; (g) has limited control capability. The LCU3-K replaces the Kenwood IF-232C. It works with all rigs that list the IF-232C as an option and provides optical isolation between the radio and the computer as the Kenwood IF-232C does. The LCU3-K connects between the ACC1 socket of the radio and the computer’s 9-pin serial port (or to an available 9-pin USB serial adapter, if the computer has only USB serial ports). CHSET-1 is available if the radio requires the Kenwood IF-10 accessory. Some newer Kenwood radios do not require this interface. Consult your owners’ manual for more information. The LCU3-K-9 works with all Kenwood radios requiring an external level convertor. It provides optical isolation between the radio and PC like the Kenwood units do.

CHSET-1 Interface - $15.00
Replaces the IC-10. Consists of two IC’s and instructions. The CHSET-1 is for the Kenwood TS-440 and R5000 without the remote control chips installed.

LCU-3Y Cables
The LCU3-Y(X), where X = 1, 2 or 3, is for Yaesu radios with CAT prots DIN6, miniDIN6 or miniDIN8.

LCU-3Y1 - Cable terminated with a Male 6-pin DIN plug (9-pin serial port) - $45.00
For use with FT-736 (g), FT-747, FT-767, FT-990, FT-1000/1000D, Heathkit SB-1400 and others with DIN-6 CAT port.

LCU-3Y2 - Cable terminated with a Male 6-pin mini DIN plug (9-pin serial port) - $45.00
For use with FT-757GXII, FT-840, FT-890, FT-900, and others with mini DIN-6 CAT port.

LCU-3Y3 -Cable terminated with Male 8-pin mini DIN plug (9-pin serial port) - $40.00

The LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable replaces the Yaesu CAT-62 and converts the bi-polar signals of the computer’s RS-232 serial port into TTL signals required by many Yaesu communications transceivers and receivers. With the proper software, one can control the radio with a computer. Mode, frequency and other functions can automatically be controlled. The revolutionary new compact design simplifies hookup and reduces clutter. Power off the radio and computer, then simply plug one end into the computer serial port (using an adapter if necessary) and the other end into the radio CAT control port. Refer to the radio instruction manual for the location of the port. The computer serial port powers the LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable. No battery or external power is needed.

Operational Notes:

The software used with this interface must assert RTS for the unit to receive power. Be sure that the mini DIN-8 plug is properly seated into the radio CAT socket.

The LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable replaces the Yaesu CAT-62. Yaesu radios have three sizes of CAT ports The FT-736, FT-747, FT-767, FT-980. FT-990, FT-1000, FT-1000D, Heath SB-1400, FRG-100, FRG-9600 have a standard 6-pin DIN CAT socket and will require the LCU3-Y1 Interface Cable. The FT-757GXII, FT-840, FT-890 and FT-900 have a 6-pin mini DIN CAT socket and will require either the LCU3-Y2 Interface Cable or an LCU-AD adapter cable in addition to the LCU3-Y1 Interface Cable. The FT-100, FT-817, FT-857 and FT-897 will require the LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable. The following rigs do not need the LCU3-Y1, LCU3-Y2 or LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable: FT-847 (uses a standard 9-pin null-modem cable); FT-920 (standard cable, NOT null modem); FT-1000MP (same as FT-920). The LCU3-Y1 (Y2) Interface Cables will not work with the FT-980, FT-575 or FT-757GX.

The LCU3-Y3 Interface Cable is warranted to be defect free for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase by the original owner provided the unit has been registered.

Other Products:

ADAPT-1 - Adapter Cable - $25.00
Adapter cable, which will allow the conversion of one LCU3-Y to another CAT, port configuration. Specify configuration when ordering.

PC Serial Keying Module - $25.00
Cable connects to the PC 9-pin Serial Port (DTR keying). The Serial Keyer emulates a straight key for PC CW (solid state rigs only).

If you have questions concerning any of these products or your rig is not listed as supported, please contact Phil, W1GEE directly via e-mail: for more information.