AC Log Revision History

The following is a brief summary of the revisions to this program:

Version 7.0.10 4/04/2024

- Added option for user customizable Other fields to force all caps in support of new POTA park naming conventions.

Version 7.0.9 10/04/2023

- Updated for new map tile source for world map (will prompt for Affirmatech Extensions update)
- Indexing of Call field for faster JTAlert B4 lookup
- Ensure port remains closed for Rig Interface when None is selected
- CW Loop sending when RI: is used for rig commands
- Fixes callbook lookup firing again when QSL Sent and Received checkboxes are checked on initial entry
- Voice navigation for Net form
- Enhanced date comparison check for QRZ Logbook download

Version 7.0.8 5/31/2023

-MY_State and MY_County added to Setup form
-API search modifications for Carsten's SatPC32 interface
-Updated HamDB to restore functionality for new URL
-Spot Me on DX Spotting form and via Ctrl + Shift + H
-Comments now upload to and downloaded from QRZ logbook
-Awards form labels change to confirmed when appropriate after running Calculate
-None - Ctrl X now works for rig interface.
-Restored statistics values in AC Log (View > Statistics)
-Club Log form saves resize and position
-Watch List DX spotting alert now displays who spotted the station

Version 7.0.7 1/19/2023

- 10 memory fields added to Frequency Change form (Ctrl + F)
- Option to silently download AD1C country list updates (File > Download Country Files from AD1C > Ask Before Download)
- Upgraded behavior of Watch List alert form (clears automatically, continued access to main form, click Go to tune to spot)
- Detects POTA in user customized settings file name and offers to properly configure Other field titles automatically, if necessary
- Links added to WXWarn and Amateur Exam Study Buddy from AC Log's View menu
- ADIF satellite tags (SAT_NAME and PROP_MODE) on LoTW download, filling fields in AC Log if they are currently empty

Version 7.0.6 7/19/2022

- QRZ Logbook Integration. Details and video here.

Version 7.0.5 5/02/2022

- Corrected map pin location for country environment locations using comma instead of decimal point
- Added ability to send CW via rig interface with ASCII to hex character conversion using {} to encase converted text
- Added Clear on QSY (Tune Away)
- On Awards form, find date range for records by clicking on the blue From Rec and To Rec labels

Version 7.0.4 2/26/2022

- A world map (View > World Map)
- Additional Parks on the Air (POTA) template and support (Settings > Edit Fields Displayed > Load as Saved Configuration: Select POTAConfig.efl)
- A gray line map (View > Gray Line Map)
- An awards map (Awards > States, Counties, Countries)
- Rapid display of your entire log
- Easy access to hundreds of common help questions via our Juliet chat bot (Help > Ask Juliet)
- Notes (Ctrl H) added to Band Map (with rig interface enabled)
- Ability to enter a transverter offset value (Settings > Rig Interface)
- Option to immediately upload after an All Since download on the LoTW form (eLogs > LoTW)
- Additional listing options (List...)

Complete details and more information are in this announcement here.

Version 7.0.3 1/03/2022

Dark Theme added.
Ability to set alternating backcolor on main list instead of the default backcolor.
Option for 24 hour local time (Settings > Appearance).
Yaesu Newer and Newer 2 - added ability to check for active VFO with VS; command for rigs that support it.
Ability to disable beep when you are spotted (Settings > DX Spotting > Configure) (moved menu item to DX Spot form in AC Log for consistency).
SETOPINFO command API command in 1.8 (to set various operator variables).
Modified DX Spotting telnet so that lines without carriage returns are displayed.

Version 7.0.2 8/23/2021

Support for the Route 66 event
Watch list entries no longer require a description
Corrected WSJT coloring for states where new on band criteria was selected (Settings > New Contact and QSL Alert Options)
On 13 Colonies and Route 66 User forms - band evaluated when clicking on spotted station
Ability to disable audio alert when your station is spotted (Settings > DX Spotting > Play Audio Alert When My Call is Spotted)
Ability to list QSOs with unconfirmed 4 character and 6 character Grids (List > QSOs with Unconfirmed > Grids)
Checks date of the country list on the AD1C web site and prompts user to download latest if a newer file exists.
Ability to launch TQSL for signing and upload from the LoTW form in a Linux environment.

Version 7.0.1 5/19/2021

- A color for WSJT AC Log Watch List decodes (displayed with a black background and different foreground, depending on duplicate status).
- The ability to control what defines a WSJT decoded needed entity (new, new on band, new on mode or new on band and mode) based on your selection in Settings > New Contact & QSL Alert Options.
- Optional Watch List audio alert.

Version 7.0 5/13/2021

Easy, direct, integration with WSJT-X
Support for the 13 Colonies annual event
States lookup for DX Spotting (and WSJT-X)
Support for the free Hamdb Callbook Lookup service (which includes USA, Canada and a few other countries)
Grid is now returned with the free Callook lookup service (grid is already provided in most other callbook lookup options)
Right clicking on the main form's Spot Last button provides the opportunity to add a comment
Improved saving and loading of main form's ListView column widths
Flex: On change freq, now sending freq before mode at users requests
Lots more details and setup explanation here!

Version 6.9 3/30/2021

Load and save customized text entry location configuration files.
Font scaling based on manual form height changes of main form and several support forms.
Frequency Privileges form enhanced to show current frequency and DX spots.
Winkeyer settings now saved along with your other CW settings when you click the Save Settings button.
Winkeyer: Use _ to merge characters and | to add a small amount of space between characters.
RI: commands in F1 now can be programmed with loop delay.
A basic, bulk edit option is now included in AC Log (under the Settings menu).
You can now toggle most rigs from transmit to receive with Ctrl + Shift + A.

Version 6.8 1/5/2021

Automatic Update
All Logging Software Signed With a Certificate Authority's Digital Certificate
Automatic DX Spots Reconnect. Click Settings > DX Spotting > Auto Reconnect (upper right) to enable.
Block Band Overlap
Note Function Added
Winkeyer - Remaining String to be Sent Displayed
Added Shortcut List Summary

Version 6.7 09/08/2020

- Support for up to 3 rigs interfaced simultaneously (previously 2 rigs). Swap between rigs by pressing Ctrl X from the main form.
- Ability to specify CW and PH settings files to associate with a specific rig.
- Grid Sent on AC Log's Setup form (in response to POTA requests).
- Added Tech and Advanced filtering for DX spotting (General already existed).
- Ability to disable keyboard tuning (requested from blind hams).
- Added Satellite Name to the eQSL upload.
- Ability to record text to send via speech to text mic input on the CW buffer form.
- Operator field can be mapped to the Call value entered in setup or made blank when exporting in ADIF.
- Option to include Station Callsign in LoTW upload (in case an override of an Operator value is required).
- To be identified as an LoTW user in AC Log, the station must have uploaded in last two years.
- Reordered LoTW All Since and All Confirmed download buttons to better reflect the priority of the All Since button.
- Added a button on LoTW Form to view LoTW queue status.
- Added additional Tool Tips on LoTW form.
- Port for TCP Networking is now user customizable (instead of being locked at 1000).

Version 6.6 11/11/19

- DX Spotted digital mode frequencies can be blocked or enabled independently from CW / SSB. Click More Filtering on the DX Spotting set up form to configure.
- Use Shift (or Ctrl Shift) + Up / Down, Left / Right arrows to tune your rig's frequency with rig interface enabled.
- Font control for bearing, miles, time, etc. (click Settings > Appearance > Colors & Fonts).
- Ability to query all digital modes together on the awards form (enter DIG on the Awards form's mode field).
- Added Yaesu - Newer 2 option on the rig interface form's rig list to support Yaesu 991, Yaesu 101 D and Yaesu 101 MP.
- User added DX Spotting Telnet sites are saved and available for selection in the drop down list on the DX Spotting set up form.
- LoTW Download - made state and county data additions optional for countries outside USA (control from the check box on the LoTW set up form).
- Passive Mode Option for FTP Web Upload (Settings > Web Upload Status Settings).

Version 6.5 5/07/19

- Updated to export FT4 as an MFSK sub mode in accordance with new ADIF protocols.
- Corrected form display anomalies on 4K monitors.
- Satellite Name and Prop Mode fields default to previous entry when visible.

Version 6.4 10/16/18

- Updated LoTW Download code for ARRL's newly implemented protocols, so LoTW downloads can continue to work.

Version 6.3 8/28/18

- Flex - feed Flex DX spots as received via their API.
- Added CW Tab Sends Message (TSM) feature (intended for contest software but works for AC Log too).
- Fire rig internal memories from F keys in CW mode when CW keying option not selected.
- Save award query settings in AC Log.
- Change Kilometers to KM in AC Log.
- FT8+ added to AC Log mode list.

Version 6.2 3/12/18

- Automatic Upload to LoTW, eQSL and Club Log on entry.
- Added Icom2 rig interface selection to make interfacing Icom 7610s easier (but should work with all Icoms).
- Added Yaesu 891 selection (previously worked with 991 selection).
- Large DX Spots list form will now sort with column clicks.
- Send rig commands with PH and CW F keys to play stored messages in rig (not all rigs support this feature).

Version 6.1 11/06/17

- Upgraded for support of 2190 and 630 Meter bands.

Version 6.0 8/20/17

- Displays digital modes in DX Spots based on frequency of the DX Spot (Settings > DX Spotting > Configure > More Filtering > Display Digital Modes).
- Now uses ARRL's LoTW User's list.
- Last LoTW upload date of station contacted is displayed when tabbing from the call field. (eLogs > LoTW > ID LoTW Users).
- Added FT8 to the mode drop down lists.
- Ability to update mode lists without requiring a new release.

Version 5.9 4/04/17

- Click the blue label above most fields for a Worked / Confirmed summary.
- Addition of the free Callook call book lookup service (only includes USA call signs).
- Display a list of QSOs with unconfirmed countries (List > QSOs with Unconfirmed > Countries).
- Display a list of QSOs with unconfirmed states (List > QSOs with Unconfirmed > States).
- Display a map of worked states. On the Awards form, after clicking Calculate, click the View Map button next to the States label.
- Obtain the long path bearing by clicking on the Bearing label (while it is currently displaying the direct bearing).
- Auto advance to the next DX spot on enter (Press Ctrl + Shift + E to turn on the auto advance option).
- Clear a DX Spot from your keyboard (press Ctrl + Shift + X with the call you want to clear in the call field).
- Press Ctrl + Shift + Z to advance to the next DX Spot.
- Press Ctrl + Shift + B to disable prompt on close (when a call is in the Call field).

Version 5.8 1/01/17

- Added ability to select the sound card or device (RIGblaster, SignaLink, etc.) that you want to use to play your audio wave files.
- Added ability to record wave files for transmit (Settings > Transmit > Phone)
- Removed Windows Media Player dependency.
- Flex radio users can now connect to their rig via a Flex API to read and change the frequency and mode of the active slice.
- Additional API commands (0.9).
- Additional DX Spotting filter options including blocking stations in your country.

Version 5.7 9/18/16

- Additional API commands (0.8), as requested by Fldigi and Psk Express developers.
- Ability to quickly and easily switch between two rigs as configured on the rig interface form (Just press Ctrl X).
- To clear the band map, click on the band map and then press Shift C (this only affects the band map, not the DX Spots list).
- Ability to add an offset on frequency change such as clicking on a DX spot.

Version 5.6 6/27/16

- Ability to check the entity status in your master log when you tab from the Call field in your contest log via API.
- Transfer QSO Records via API (File > Transfer via API).
- Rig Interface via API (Settings > Rig Interface > N3FJP API).
- CW via API (Settings > Transmit > CW).
- DX Spots Summary Graph (View > DX Spots Summary Graph).
- With the option to ID LoTW Users enabled, they will also be identified when tabbing from the Call field (eLogs > LoTW > ID).
- Type frequency in Call field and press enter to change frequency.
- Modified frequency change form behavior so that it will optionally close on action.
- Additional API commands (API version 0.7).

Version 5.5 4/04/16

- DX Spots where the entity is needed (Settings > New Contact & QSL Alert Options) is displayed in italics.
- DX Spots where the entity is needed and the spot is an LoTW user (ID LoTW Users on LoTW set up form) is displayed in Red on the band map.
- Press Ctrl + Shift + H to hide the Horizontal / Vertical button on the band map (click a blue area of the band map first).
- Added more Application Program Interface (API) commands.
- Band and mode (based on frequency) determined by band plan file.

Version 5.4 3/07/16

- Added Application Program Interface (API) functionality (Settings > Application Program Interface).
- Added Audio alert of unworked or unconfirmed DX Spots, who are LoTW users (CTRL + Shift + L).
- Added CW PTT to key linear amplifiers (Settings > Transmit > CW).
- Added ability to temporarily disable band and mode updates from rig interface (press Ctrl + Shift + R).

Version 5.3 9/01/15

- Added Club Log upload.
- EQSL upload marking records as sent now optional.
- Better organization of top level menu options by creating eLogs (think external logs or electronic logs) and placing Club Log, eQSL and LoTW under that top level heading.

Version 5.2 12/26/14

- Added option to display dx spots on a separate form.
- Main form changes to dx spots column widths and order are now saved.
- QRZ image / bio display will hide command buttons after 5 seconds. Mouse over form to redisplay the buttons.
- Added Watch List delete all button.
- Ability to save and load CW settings for easy transfer to other N3FJP logging programs.
- Ability to save and load phone wave settings for easy transfer to other N3FJP logging programs.
- Removed Tech + from frequency privilege form.

Version 5.1 12/11/14

- Updated QRZ XML subscription data retrieval link for the most recent QRZ data.
- Clicking a spotted DX call sign on the band map will now cause AC Log to tab, initiating the associated lookup and data retrieval functions.

Version 5.0 12/04/14

- Band map DX spotting zoom scale and rig tracking features added.
- QRZ Callbook image and biographical display on call tab (requires QRZ subscription, but I think it is well worth it!).
- LoTW identification of DX spots (Click LoTW and then the command button that says "ID LoTW Users on DX Spots" to enable).
- Ability to save current rig settings from Rig Interface form.
- Ability to adjust CW character spacing for PC generated CW (please use generously for us CW challenged folks!). :)
- Frequency privileges display form remembers last license class selected on next display.
- Ability to disable Watch List form display on Call tab
- Ability to disable list matches on Country field tab for user's country.

Version 4.9 11/07/14

- Dynamic scale resizing on band map form reflecting range of actual posted DX spots for a given band.
- Option to display band map automatically on start up.
- Resize the main form and the individual controls will reposition after you complete your mouse move.
- Your customized main form dimensions are saved on exit.
- Press Ctrl F to display a small form to quickly change your rig's frequency, band and mode. This form can optionally be set to display on start up.
- Pressing Ctrl W displays the CW setup form as always, but now, you can also press Ctrl > Shift W to display a tiny version of the form showing your F key strings. This form can optionally be set to display on start up as well.
- Clicking on the dialogue label when it says "Watch List Spot:" will tune your rig to the spot frequency.
- Click Settings > Appearance > Display Bearing as Compass Point to show the compass point as you type the call.
- Click Settings > Appearance > Display Distance as Kilometers to display the distance in kilometers as you type the call.
- Additional DX Spotting filtering option to block spotted DX entities where you have the contact confirmed on both the band and mode (CW or PH) of the spot.
- eQSL Nickname field added on eQSL download form for eQSL users with multiple accounts to be able to download from their desired account. (Some 4.8 users may already have this feature).

Version 4.8 8/13/14

- Ability to set DX spots filtering.
- Ability to display a DX spots band map (press Ctrl E from the main form to display).
- Printing of multiple QSL strips on one label.

Version 4.7 7/26/14

- Additional error checking to let you know if you have the clients set to TCP but forgot to also set the server to TCP.
- Web status uploader.
- CW Buffer Form (Ctrl K).
- Before downloading country file from AD1C, gets path to file from
- Pressing enter when a QSO in the Recent Contacts list has focus will bring up the edit screen for that QSO (in response to requests from blind hams)
- Text to speech for Watch List and DX Spots.

Version 4.6 2/1/14

- Prop_Mode tag now included in direct eQSL uploads at the request of the eQSL folks.
- Option on Rig Interface form to execute the frequency and mode commands immediately, instead of waiting up to two seconds for the rig's buffer to clear.
- Yaesu 100D now supported.

Version 4.5 12/14/13

- Frequency in KHz is now converted to MHz if that value / 1,000 falls in the band limits of the band specified by the user. This corrects the problem introduced by TQSL version 2.0. TQSL version 2.0 uploads fail when the frequency is outside of the band limits, usually occurring when folks enter values in KHz instead of MHz.
- Updated ADIF export for VK hams needing LOTW_QSL_SENT, LOTW_QSL_RCVD, EQSL_QSL_SENT and EQSL_QSL_RCVD for their online awards uploads. Data determined from Confirmed By Sent and Confirmed By Received fields.
- Yaesu 847 fixed by sending command to start cat control when the port is opened if Yaesu - Older is selected (rig interface 1.3)

Version 4.4 11/08/13

- Addition of the Net Manager / Round Table logging form.
- List copied to the clipboard will paste on individual lines with Notepad.

Version 4.3 9/19/13

- Removal of HamQTH Internet Lookup. Please click here for the explanation.
- Fill Fields Determined by Call fill Comments field if zero length and Comments Data menu option selected.
- LoTW setup enhancements.
- Correction of Digital mode default value when Fill Fields on Call tab is checked.

Version 4.2 8/30/13

- Added fill options for the eight Other fields.
- Modified for accurate screen reader functionality.
- Corrected New labels for Mode

Version 4.1 8/16/13

- Added AC Log Calldata lookup of FCC / RAC databases.
- Corrected the addition of Rec Confirmed By L when downloading from LoTW a record that had been uploaded to LoTW and confirmed by some other means besides LoTW.
- Recoded longer processes so the Not Responding message should no longer temporarily appear.
- Faster Awards calculations.
- User can choose number of decimals that frequency displays in the list (does not affect the text box or frequency label display).

Version 4.0 8/07/2013

- The C# rewrite! Amateur Contact Log Version 4.0 is a total rewrite of Amateur Contact Log. It has almost all the features supported in version 3.4 and lots of new ones that I think you'll really enjoy! Some of the new enhancements include:
- Fully networkable! Whether you want to use AC Log for a DXPedition, or you just want to access your log from multiple PCs simultaneously at your home or club station, AC Log will now support multiple clients updating a single database, just like my Field Day software!
- Lots of additional and customizable data fields.
- AC Log is as easy to use on first install as ever, but if you want to customize AC Log, it is now even easier to configure the main form to your taste for fonts, colors, layout, tab order and fields displayed!
- Improved analysis and display of needed DX spots stations
- Bulk uploads and downloads to / from eQSL are now supported
- Addition of's free callbook Internet lookup service
- And lots more!

Version 3.4 5/28/13

- Modified LoTW upload and download code to correct problem that came to light after the recent LoTW server change.
- Also added option to utilize TQSL software version 1.14's ability to upload data to LoTW directly.

Version 3.3 9/28/12

- Updated for latest QRZ callbook XML link.
- QRZ XML link is now user editable, so future changes can be made by users without requiring a new software version.

Version 3.2 3/07/12

- DX spotting list size, font and color can be user customized. Click Settings > Appearance to adjust.
- eQSL- this upgrade provides a chance for users to change their sign in info before the upload begins.
- Simplified downloading the latest country files from Jim, AD1C's website. Click File > Download Country Files
- Users can display their own 1000 X 568 splash screen graphic on the splash screen. Place a file named splash.jpg in the N3FJP Software\Shared directory in your Documents and Settings folder. Please see Customized Graphics for Your Call Sign for more details.

Version 3.1 2/25/12

- Update for new QRZ lookup spec.
- Better display for larger, wide screen monitors. You won't notice much difference on old style monitors, but the software now scales much better for new ones!
- LoTW, QRZ and Buckmaster Passwords hidden.
- Copy LoTW download to clipboard for easy transfer to a spreadsheet such as Excel.
- Better LoTW download form column widths for larger displays.
- LoTW column widths and order can be user customized. Just drag the columns in the order you like, adjust their widths as you prefer and click the Save Column Settings button on the LoTW form.
- Files commonly edited by users are save in User Profile directory instead of working directory, in better compliance with Vista, Win 7 and future operating systems.
- Create Backup now exports in ADIF. ADIF is the most universal format and the best option for user saved backups.
- Country files (Arrlpre2.txt and ADIFcnt.txt) are written to program files on install, but Shared, then User and thirdly Program Files are accessed on load for easier user updates (click File > Show File Locations for details.)
- Users can now change main form label fonts by clicking Settings > Appearance > Label Font
- Users can now choose if they want to carry the comments data forward from a previous contact by clicking Settings > Carry Comments Data Forward.
- Users can easily see the location of all relevant files by clicking File > Show File Locations.
- For country lookup, Guantanamo bay only returned with 2X2 calls (this still needs to be incorporated into the contesting software).
- If users ever have a need to reindex their log, they can easily do so by clicking File > Reeindex log

Version 3.0 2/25/06

- Added Who's On The Air (WOTA) support
- Kenwood now returns frequency for active VFO
- DX Spots not found are labeled properly
- Corrected Save As error that occurred when attempting to write to an insufficient or invalid storage medium

Version 2.9 1/01/06

- Added WinKey support
- Automatically creates a permanent "once a month" backup in a Backup directory
- Corrected Pegasus frequency change

Version 2.8 6/11/05

- K7RE RTTY (was in some versions of 2.7)
- LoTW fix for server move (and users now able to change settings for future moves)
- LoTW - Download All Since
- Awards - Worked and Confirmed detail by band
- Country name changes (performed automatically on ADIF export and import):

Version 2.7 12/6/04

- DX Spotting List enhancements
- Click on a post to tune your rig to the spot frequency (mode will also change for many rigs)
- Press Ctrl G to display a form to change frequency and mode
- Sleep CW timing option
- Enhanced Loop timing option
- Dynamic resize of band map spots

Version 2.6 9/25/04

- Option to fill all relevant fields when tabbing from Call.
- Improved sort speed.
- A Watch List.
- Font color options on main list for QSL Sent, Rcvd, and Snt/Rcvd.
- DX spotting form displays on startup if DX spotting is enabled.
- Selecting the List Matches for These Fields with Tab has been made easier.
- Option to use last entry date. This will help those typing in old logs.
- Ability to identify start and end record numbers for the Fill Field function.
- ADIF export will include the user specified Other field titles.
- Option to specify qso_owncall for QSL queries.
- Control key shortcuts as follows:

Ctrl A - Address Label
Ctrl B - DX Spectrum Band Map
Ctrl C - CW Setup
Ctrl D - DX Spotting Setup
Ctrl E - Edit Fields Displayed
Ctrl H - Help
Ctrl F - Frequency Privileges
Ctrl L - Watch List
Ctrl P - Phone Setup
Ctrl R - Rig Control
Ctrl T - Tab Selection Behavior
Ctrl V - Voice Navigation
Ctrl W - CW Strings Selection

Version 2.5 11/15/03

LoTW upload and download direct from ACLog
eQSL Upload
HamCall Internet Lookup (subscription from Buckmaster required)
QRZ Internet Lookup (subscription from QRZ required)
CQ Zones & ITU Zones where entries are discrete
Automatic post of DX spots on entry
Calculate - 4 digit grid worked box in addition to 6 digit worked box
Audio alert of DX posts and needed DX
20-Jan-04, Regional or no Date format option
Mode from entered frequency
Update records based on call and callbook lookup
Multiselect records for marking Sent/Receoved
Mode field increased to 10 characters

Version 2.4 8/12/03

Indexing and RAM loading for significantly faster performance.
Labels indicating if a contact/QTH is new and whether a QSL is needed.
Ability to easily move controls on the form by right clicking on the label.
UTC time determined by your system settings on startup
Display of frequency privileges by license class
Option for CW keying via the parallel port (in addition to the already existing serial port)
ESC key terminates CW (ESC will still clear your fields when CW is not being transmitted)
Improved CW timing performance
CW WPM speed can be specified
CW word spacing is user modifiable
CW text being sent is displayed on the main form
Addition of prosigns
Addition of a utility to send on-the-air code practice

Version 2.3 12/30/02

Added rig interface
Added DX spotting via Telnet, TNC and AGW Packet Engine

Version 2.2 4/22/02

Hamcall Buckmaster CD
List no longer scrolls after edit

Version 2.1 3/12/02

Tab order corrected
When screen size less than 100 the columns were not order properly. This was corrected.
Enhanced Sort

Version 2.0 3/11/02

Additional fields
Resize form
Task bar
Export selected records
Bearing and distance for grids

Version 1.9 - 12/24/01

QRZ lookup

Version 1.8 9/2/01

Canadian Addresses
Improve ADIF Import performance
User Defined "Other" label
Input Deg Min Sec for Long/Lat
Calculate - Power < = >
Copy worked/needed lists to clipboard
Copy selected records to clipboard
Check for errors, only back up if no error
Grid lines
Multiple Select - Advance print columns & rows as a record is printed
Sort log on date
Multiple Log Files
Backup EACH log file name
Save column reorder changes
Add Broomfield CO
Bearing & Distance for States & Provinces

Version 1.7

Backup on exit

Version 1.6 12/4/00

Added ADIF, label printing, heading/distance

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