Maximum Stealth!

I haven't built any antennas in this category myself, but an antenna / flag pole design comes to mind, as well as using screw eyes to hold a wire loop just inches above your roof or shed. Small verticals are also an option.

I would love to add some good options for really invisible / disguised antennas. I know there may be a bit more performance compromise than the home page criteria calls for, but maybe not. If you have good experience with a super stealthy antenna, please write it up and send it along!

Two important safety tips and a disclaimer: First, contact with overhead power lines can kill you! Always be mindful of the location of your power lines, your ladders, handling antennas, other metallic objects, etc. Second, you should always evaluate the placement of your antennas and address any RF exposure risks as detailed here. Any actions that you take based upon the information presented here shall be solely at your own risk. Neither N3FJP Software, our employees or any of our contributors shall be held liable for any actions taken based upon the information presented on this website.

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