Club Score Processor 1.1
System Requirements - Windows XP through Windows 10.

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It's really neat how one thing leads to the next! I originally added the FTP status upload feature to my contesting software with Field Day in mind, so that club members could see how their Field Day station was doing in real time when they were away from the Field Day site.

Before long, I started getting requests to add the status upload feature to all the contest programs. Soon folks, including our own club, the Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society, started enjoying seeing how each club member was doing in other contests too. It really adds to the fun, camaraderie and competitive juices on contest weekends!

We quickly realized that instead of browsing to each individual upload to see how our club members are doing one by one, it would be even nicer to have all the essential information on one web page, with a current grand total club score displayed in real time! That thought was the genesis of this Club Score Processor software, which retrieves the pertinent information from each of the individual club member's web uploads, combines it and presents a total score and leader board!

Here's an example of our actual club page that this Club Score Processor creates at the conclusion of 2015 November Sweepstakes SSB:

The total page will refresh automatically every 60 seconds, as long as one of your club members keeps this program running during the contest (it's okay to close and start the program again later if needed). When the program is closed, the web page will remain, but of course it will not have new data to display.

More details on how our club has really amped up our contest weekend fun, operating individually from home but sharing the contest virtually together in real time are here!


Club Score Processor is free!


To create and upload a combined total for your club, set the program up as follows:

- Don't start here! First, from one of my contesting software programs, click Settings > Web Upload Contest Status and make sure you are successfully uploading your contest data to your web site hosting space. If you can't first browse to the web page your are uploading from the contest software with a regular Internet browser (Chrome, Firerfox, etc.), this Club Score Processor software will not be able to retrieve and tally the individual station data.

Here's an example of my individual upload page at the conclusion of November Sweepstakes SSB (note the total score and Q total here are parsed and displayed in the first image above by the Club Score Processor:

- Like the upload feature in the contesting software, to use this program you will need Internet connectivity, a web hosting service such as GoDaddy, etc., a valid URL that you have permission to upload to and a valid password for your hosting site.

- In this program, complete the settings for your FTP upload link, user name, password and file name you plan to use on your web site. Remember, some or all of these values may be case sensitive. The only difference in the settings here and the contest program upload settings that you should already have working is the file name on the web site.

- I've included a couple actual URLs we are using here as an example for testing, so you can check your upload settings before entering all the individual URLs for your members. You can delete the test URLs when you are ready to add your own club member's links, but first, go ahead and click Upload Now. If everything works properly, you will see a message 226 Transfer Complete on the bottom status bar. If you didn't receive any errors, go ahead and browse to the page with your web browser to verify all is well. If an error did occur, double check the four upload settings fields and try again. Also make sure your Internet protection software isn't blocking the upload.

- Once you've navigated to the totals page with your Internet browser and verified it is okay, disable the upload, delete the test URLs and enter the actual URLs to each of your own club member's data. Remember, URLs may be case sensitive! It's best to navigate to the actual page in your web browser first, copy the link from your browser and paste it here.

- Click Upload Now and your club's data should appear in your Internet browser window (either wait 60 seconds or just refresh your browser)!

- Not every club member works every contest. Since you only want data to total for the current contest, I've added optional filter criteria for the upload title and date. In the case of the title, just enter any portion of a string that is required, such as CQ-WW. That's not always enough filtering, as someone may have worked the SSB version of CQ-WW, but isn't working the current CW version you'd like to track this weekend. As a second filter, you can also enter a date in the date field, so that any upload date must be equal to or later than that date. If you leave the filter fields blank they are ignored.

Other Notes and Tips:

A couple other miscellaneous notes....

When you close the program with upload enabled, it will write one more upload with a note indicating that the uploader is currently off line.

While developed with a team concept and total score in mind, you can always set up the Club Score Processor to keep track of other stations you are competing against too (as long as they are uploading their status with my software).

If the destination directory doesn't already exist on your web site, you may have to create the directory with your web site publishing tool before this software is able to upload.

If your web site host uses a different port than 21 for your uploads, include the port in your URL. For example, if your are uploading your file to a directory named fd and your site uses port 7200, instead of this:

Format it like this:

Also, some hosts require public_html in the upload path, along the lines of this:

If you've never published a web page before, don't start here. Instead, using an FTP program, publish a test page to your web hosting space manually so that you can figure out all of your upload settings more easily. Once you have the settings working in your FTP program and you've verified you are successfully able to upload files to your hosting space, you can transfer your settings here.

I'm not able to extend support to include teaching folks how to set up hosting sites and upload files, but you can Google the process for more details.