CW Teacher 1.1
(System Requirements - Windows 7 through Windows 11.)

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CW Teacher Features:

Whether you want to learn Morse code from scratch, never having heard a dit in your life, or you just want to speed up your copy for CW contesting, CW Teacher will help!

I like CW, but I've never been particularly fast, so for most of my Amateur Radio life, I've gravitated towards SSB for contesting. More recently, I've come to realize that copying the short contest exchanges at 25 words per minute (WPM) and higher can be easier than a longer rag chew at 18 WPM. I've been spending more time CW contesting and I've really come to enjoy them!

I had been thinking about creating a tool to help folks learn CW or increase their speed. Then, my son Brad, KB3MNE, mentioned an interest in learning CW. That was all the catalyst I needed to create this CW Teacher software!

This program will teach you Morse Code at your own pace. Set the sending rate at 18 WPM or higher so that you learn the characters at a functional speed, but don't worry, the software will send you each character, one at a time and wait for you to respond. There is zero rush. The entire emphasis of the software is teaching you to associate a sound with a letter. With just a bit of practice, that's really easy to do!

Since copying CW with a keyboard is exactly what you will be doing when you are CW contesting, this software helps you become comfortable transferring what you hear to your keyboard directly as well.

The emphasis of this software is teaching Morse code from the absolute beginning, but I've also included options for more advanced practice, such as copying random call signs and Field Day style exchanges.

This program is completely free! Please enjoy it and share it with anyone you may know who would like to learn CW!