FISTS Contest Log 2.1
(System Requirements - MS Windows 95 through Windows 10)

Download FISTS Contest Log Now!

Please note - there hasn't been as much interest in the Fists program compared to the rest of my software, so I'm not presently maintaining this program. This program is an old, VB6 version and not representative of the performance, appearance and features of the rest of my newer software.

FISTS Contest Log Features:

Very easy and intuitive to use!

Checks for duplicates (including partials).

Lists multipliers (sections change color when state is worked.

Lists countries worked.

Lists all contacts.

Provides a country look-up function.

Writes proper file format for log submission.

Provides many current statistics.

Provides DX spotting.

Exports ADIF files for easy transfer to your permanent log.

Computer generated CW via either your serial port (including RTS or DTR com line options ) or Winkeyer and play wave files via your sound card.

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FISTS Contest Log Registration

The FISTS Contest Log is limited to 30 contacts until registered. For permanent use of this downloaded program, a $7.00 registration fee is required.

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Registration Options:

Please send Cash, Check or Money Order payable to Affirmatech Inc. for registration of this program. Please be sure to include your call sign and e-mail address with your request so we can process your registration promptly! Please send your payment to the address below:

Affirmatech Inc.
G. Scott Davis, N3FJP
118 Glenwood Road
Bel Air, MD 21014-5533

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