Speciality Software
(System Requirements - MS Windows 95 through Windows 11)

The programs on this page are either no longer supported because their funcitionaliy has been incorporated into AC Log, such as Net Manager, or have been removed entirely due to age and lack of current interest.

The Emergency Manager Network Log has gone SK and is no longer available. It was very old, clunky, had very little interest and was not at all representative of what the rest of my software has become.

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Please note that the Net Manager Log functionality has been improved and integrated into AC Log versions 4.4 and later. Just click the Net menu option in AC Log to enjoy the enhanced Net / Round Table logging functionality!

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The above programs are available for download and registration; however, we do not have plans to upgrade or add enhancements to them at this time.

These programs are part of our packages, or you may purchase them individually by check or money order. Please see our Register Now page for address information. You may also purchase these programs via PayPal by using the Miscellaneous & Other Specialty Software button at the bottom of the Register Now page.