AC Log Ready Calldata

This page is maintained for those running AC Log 3.4 and earlier. If you are running AC Log 4.1 or later, you don't need to download the data here. If you are running 4.1 or later and want to use the free AC Log calldata option, from AC Log's menu options click Callbook > AC Log Calldata and click the button to download the data.

To use the AC Log CallBook function in versions 3.4 and earlier, you must install the data files, which only include US and Canadian hams. This data is a free download and is updated approximately every 6 months. To download the AC Log Ready Calldata for AC Log versions 3.4 and earlier, most recently updated 1/06/2021, please click the link below:

Download Now

CallBook (AC Log Ready Calldata) installation for AC Log 3.4 and earlier: Download and unzip the data file ( from the link above. Once you have downloaded the call data zip file, unzip it. Next, open the AC Log program and select from the menu options CallBook > ACLog Calldata. Enter the path to where you unzipped the data. Check the box to enable the Callbook lookup feature, and click Done.

To test, simply enter a valid US or Canadian call sign and tab to the next field. You should see some of your fields populated with data. Name, State and mailing address in the Name, City, Comments field should be filled in and displayed as long as you have made them visible.

For AC Log 4.1 and later, simply click Callbook > AC Log Calldata and then click the Download button to download the files.

The download for the freely available FCC / RAC call book database look up function is now coded directly into AC Log. Just download the data from the Call book menu option. If you would like to download the calldata files (which are updated weekly) directly from the FCC and RAC, click the links below (be careful, even zipped the FCC file is over 40 meg!) After download, you must convert these files before you can use them in AC Log. The coversion tool is not in the C# rewrite, but you can use AC Log 3.4 for that, which you will find here. (From AC Log 3.4's menu options click File > Convert FCC Database or Convert RAC Database and follow the instructions on the form.)

FCC Data for US Calls

RAC Data for Canadian Calls

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