Rig - Computer CW Interface

I've added CW sending features, including real time keyboard, pre-programmed strings and wild cards to all of the logging programs. You can key your rig via direct USB connection (for radios that support it) or build an interface as detailed below (for RTS / DTR keying) and Winkeyer, that connect to your rig's straight key jack. If you need a USB to serial adapter to connect your keying hardware, they are available at stores like your local Best Buy.

The information below is for radios that still require a hardware device that connects from your PC to the straight key jack of your rig to send CW. Newer radios, including the Icom 7610, Icom 7300, Flex and likely others, that are designed to interface directly via a USB cable to your PC, can be keyed directly from N3FJP Software without any other interface hardware whatsoever! For example, with the 7610, select Menu > Set > Connectors > USB Send Keying > USB Keying (CW) > DTR. Then, in N3FJP, click Settings > Transmit > CW, select the DTR keying option and the port for your Icom. That's it! Flex users, please see below.

Please Note: Winkeyer provides the most consistent CW timing, as it functions independently of your PC's processor.

If you would like to make your own interface, below are two schematics for building an interface using the RTS line. Any transmitter that uses a "connect to ground to key" jack can use either of these schematics. Thanks to Bob, N3UR, for providing these schematics!

Direct Keying Schematic
(Resistor value is 4.7k)

Optic Coupling Schematic
(Electrically separates the computer from the radio.)

Parallel (Printer Port) Schematic
Please Note: Since parallel ports are no longer in general use, the parallel port keying is not supported
in the new C#.NET rewrite (programs released since 2012).

Flex Radio users, please note that you don't need a hardware device to key CW. Tim N9PUZ sent along the following configuration steps:

- In the Flex CAT Control application you add a virtual serial port and for the type you choose "Winkeyer" from the menu. It will create a new port and assign it a COM Port number. Close the CAT Control.

- In the N3FJP logging program set the CW Transmit up to use a Winkeyer and provide the COM port number from the previous step.

- That's it! No Winkeyer or interface needed. The Flex CAT control emulates a Winkeyer.