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(System Example Shown - MS Windows Win 7)

Awards Menu Option for Amateur Contact Log

This Help page lists the Awards Menu Options for Amateur Contact Log.

Awards > States, Counties, Countries, Etc. & Awards > 10-10, Grids, Etc.

AC Log will tally a variety of awards and accomplishments on the forms displayed below. You can filter your totals by confirmed QSOs, band, mode, power level and the method by which the contact was confirmed. Just enter any limiting criteria and then click Calculate.

To see more details for a particular field, click on the associated label header for that form. For example, on the graphic below you see "States" on a header label. Click on it, and a form listing all the states you have worked in the current log will appear. From this form you can also copy the list to your Windows clipboard for printing, etc.

Award Tracking Screen 1

Award Tracking Screen 2

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