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Additional – Other Menus and Controls

This Help page gives you information on some of the other menu options and main form controls for Amateur Contact Log.


Clicking this menu option, as seen in the graphic below, clears all the data entry fields and updates your list. You can also clear your data entry fields by pressing Esc or Alt C.

Clear menu option

List > Last XX

This menu item lists the most recent records. You can specify the number of records listed by clicking List > Set List Default Count.

List > All

This option lists your entire log. If you have a large number of contacts, listing all your records can take a while to populate the list and will slow the program’s performance. For this reason, the default on startup is always List > Last.

List > From Rec # - To Rec #

Use this function to list any portion of your log.

List menu options

List > Set List Default Count

You can define how many records you would like AC Log to list by default by clicking List > Set List Default Count. The form in the graphic below will appear. The lower the number of records you choose, the snappier AC Log’s performance will be.

Set List Default Count


To retrieve all the values of the last entered contact, click Recall.

Recall menu option


The Net and Round Table feature is new with AC Log 4.4 and replaces the older, stand alone Net Manager Log program. Clicking this option will display a form as seen in the graphic below. With this form you can comfortably log in a round table or net setting.

Whether you are just participating in a casual round table or running a net, this form is designed to more comfortably log where multiple stations are participating. You can adjust the tab and fill behaviors for Call Book Lookup, Comments (carry forward and place retrieved address) and Fill Fields Determined by Call (RST defaults, etc.) from the main form. The settings here will all behave identically to your main form settings.

To navigate, use the arrow keys, Home, End and Enter. Enter and Down behave identically. Pressing Home once will take you to the beginning of the field (unless you are already there). Pressing Home a second time will take you to the beginning of the row. End behaves similarly in reverse. Page Up will take you to the first row. Page Down will take you to the last row with a call entered. Please note that only the left and right keys work in the Comments field since it is a multi line text box.

The Del button will delete the row without logging the contact. The Log button logs the single contact and clears the row. It will not show up on the main form until you close the Net Manager form.

You can close the form without saving or clearing the current data by clicking Close - No Save; however, if you close AC Log entirely, the data will be gone. Click Save and Close to save your round table data, clear all data and close the form.

Net form

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